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Pictures around the Shell Castle
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Main Entrance to the Shell Castle

The San Carlos Shell Castle
This “unique” dwelling is home to millions of incredible sea shells. It is by far one of the most unusual abodes that you will ever see anywhere in the world.

The "SHELL CASTLE" is located in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. Just a short 250 miles south of the Arizona border. It overlooks the Sea of Cortez on the Pacific Ocean.

You will love the look of the "SHELL CASTLE”. The footbridge that leads to the golden front door and the ponds on each side of it just shout, “Welcome, please come in…you must see this wonderful place."

Upon entering you will be astounded by the structure. The first thing you will notice is the beautiful tiered fountain right smack dab in the middle. The walls and much of the floor are constructed of natural stone found in the Sonoran desert. It is reminiscent of a medieval castle.

If the stunning fountain and pool didn’t get your immediate attention, the incredible winding staircase will. Embraced on both sides with hand made handrails, it leads to a second level with gorgeous views of San Carlos Bay, the Sea of Cortez, rugged coastlines and majestic mountains. A spiral staircase on this level leads to an observation deck that has great 360* views of the entire area. At night, the stars seem to be close enough to touch. It doesn’t get much better that this.

A beautiful tropical garden surrounds the "SHELL CASTLE". There are over 300 varieties of trees and plants on this half acre lot. Paths allow you to explore the garden area and there are many secluded areas to take a siesta in one of the hammocks, sitdown to meditate, or just relax.

Our mission for this lovely spot is to enable families and friends a serene place to get together. It would be a perfect spot for a family reunion, a retreat, a wedding or special occasion gathering spot.

This property has a special “feel” to it. It is calm and serene. It is a place that creates the most wonderful ambiance. Candle light, the gentle sound of water trickling from the beautiful fountain creates a “special place for special people”.